Calligraphy Activation by HILOKI (Oct. 18th)

The Santomi Center [Kyoto / Sanjo Tominokoji] will held Calligraphy Activation by young calligrapher HILOKI who is based in Kyoto on Friday, October 18, 2019. The second edition will be held. You could learn from Calligrapher HILOKI that how to wright your favorite words and enjoyed the Calligraphy in a short time. You could practice and clean up under the guidance of. The early morning Sanjo Tominokoji is so quiet that you can’t imagine it being the center of Kyoto. As soon as you rub ink and face yourself and write your favorite words, 90 minutes will pass quickly. After the calligraphy, along with the coffee at Santomi Center, it is one of the fun times for the participants to interact with each other while immersing themselves in the finish. Surely it will be the beginning of a fulfilling day! We are looking for participants now.

Enjoy Kyoto in early morning『Santomi Center × Calligrapher HILOKI activation』

Date:      2019. Oct.19th (Fri) 6:30am8:00am  ※90min

Venue :  Santomi Center Coffee

Capacity: 4 people(need resavations)

Fee:      3,000 JPY(include tax)[include coffee 500JPY]

Belongings: None  *Please bring clothes that may be soiled just in case

Subscription: Please apply by entering the personal information by email.

 【Name・Address・Mobile Phone・The Japanese character you want to write】


Santomi Center Coffee  075-257-2003