Winter special! ” SANTOMI ZENZAI ” & ” HOT GINGER “

Last year’s popular menu ” SANTOMI ZENZAI ” came back more delicious.

This year, ” Hot Ginger “, which warms from the core of the body, will also be available for a limited time!




“ZENZAI”,  it’s a sweet soup made of red beans with a subtle sweetness and richness and white rice balls with coffee flavor, and topping with homemade cheese cream!

Original ZENZAI only at SANTOMI CENTER that can be tasted only here.

…L size … 500yen

…S size … 300yen(drink set only)



HOT GINGER ( USE flavor )

hot ginger
hot ginger

Ginger Use plenty of japan. Double use of fresh ginger and powder for a deeper flavor! !

The aroma of USE (citron) enhances the flavor of ginger.

A perfect drink for a cold winter.

 …Hot ginger … 400 yen